mais centroqrenuniao europeia

Surrounding the house and the winery, the vineyards create the illusion of being an extension of this structure, in perfect harmony with the surrounding landscape. Every glance at the property is a reminder of the traditional winemaking philosophy taken very seriously at our estate - ' wine is made in the vineyard.'

Planted in 53 acres of gentle slopes, the vineyards benefit from their southern exposure and the Atlantic influence, being sheltered from the northern winds by the Montejunto Mountain. 10 hectares more, focused on national varieties, are planted in 2014.

The climate is moderate maritime, with Mediterranean characteristics. The ocean is 20 km away, and the average annual rainfall is 700 mm. The soils are of clay-limestone, originating from the Jurassic period, with a clay loam texture (pH between 7 and 7.5).